About Me

My name is Ian Marshall, engineer, father of two, and author of the blog pages here on the Small Bits site. I live and work in Perth, Western Australia.

Professionally, I am a senior programmer and technical consultant, with over 15 years experience in the architecture, design and implementation of computer systems. My development work has predominantly been done in the Java programming language, and I have been involved in the manufacturing, public transport, financial, mining and utilities domains. My speciality is communications, both low and high level.

My electronics experience is somewhat less - purely as a hobbyist. My interest in electronics was first sparked by reading the Dick Smith “Fun Way Into Electronics” series as a child and later the book “Getting Started in Electronics” by Forrest M. Mims III. I now mostly tinker with digital electronics where it pertains to microcontrollers and various sensors and I/O devices. In my hobby work, I have never once needed to calculate the quiescent current for biasing a transistor - but if I once again venture more towards the analogue side of the world, that may well change.

I can be contacted at “itmarshall «at» gmail.com” but please, no spam!